Our Hubs

At Ronin Cycling, we want you to be able to customize wheels to your preference. It’s for that reason that each of our carbon wheelsets can be built with various hub options. 


Aivee come with over 30 years' experience in the bicycle industry. Designed and made in France utilizing a state of the art manufacturing facility, it's with great joy we are able to base our wheels on Aivee hubs. Lightweight and performance orientated, Aivee SR5's feature a unique rear hub flange design aimed to improve spoke tension balance in the rear wheel. Our testing results are impressive and wheelsets made with Aivee SR5’s ride beautifully.

DT Swiss:

DT Swiss’s reputation for solid reliable hubs didn’t come through marketing, it came through years of loyal product following. There is no doubting the quality of DT Swiss products.


Tune hubs are our premium hub offering, if you’re looking for extreme lightweight with no compromises to durability then German made Tune hubs are for you.