Worlds Longest Pub Crawl

September 01, 2018

7th-10th September 2018

Read on about Ronin Cycling’s first ever adventure ride!

Anyone that’s done stage racing before knows how addictive it can be, it’s why as soon as the event’s done, you’re back online looking for the next event.

One of the things about stage racing that's fun is the riding day after day in new places. One of the things not so fun with stage racing is the racing, for most of us, it’s about the journey and pushing ourselves rather than coming first.

So with that, we wondered, how do we get the stage racing experience without the racing part (well mostly without).

Bingo! We’ll just hold our own party! Just like the unpopular nerdy kids at school did (hint: that’s us!).

But what kind of party? What kind of party would be true blue aussie with a dash of okka and a touch of class? How about a pub crawl where we go to learn local history and taste some craft beer, however instead of being driven around we ride our bikes.

So with that, read on about our party. The World’s Longest Pub Crawl.

Crawl Overview

Worlds Longest Pub Crawl Overview

Yeah, your right, the above is a nice pretty picture, so what does it mean? Well it represents a 4 day ride covering quintessential South East Queensland with forestry climbs, open country country roads and coastal views. It’s by no means a race, just ticking over the k’s and then finishing off the day enjoying a beer or two, meeting the locals and learning a little bit about the area. 

Day Start Finish Distance
1 Brisbane Kilcoy 140km
2 Kilcoy Laidley 130km
3 Laidley Mt Tambourine 130km
4 Mt Tambourine Brisbane 140km

The Route
  • Day 1 - Shotgun Wedding

    WLPC - Day 1


    You can either ease into a relationship, or you can just go vegas baby!

    Welcome to day 1, our hardest day on the bike.

    Departing from Brisbane’s Ship Inn in Southbank, we embark on a 140km ride to Kilcoy with the majority of the ride being the familiar Mt Mee ride for most Brisbanites. Phew right, Mt Mee done, over the other side and hello the 2nd climb, Bellthorpe. Which in video game talk is akin to if Mt Mee is the Mini boss waving pom poms, then Bellthorpe is like the jacked up superboss sporting dual rocket launchers. Bring it!!

    Once over the top, there’s a gravel road descent with a mostly down trip to Kilcoy for a well earned rest.


    Exchange Kilcoy will serve as our first port of call. Established in 1903, this old gem is home to some craft beers and some pretty epic steaks. 

    Day 2 - Supposed to be Easy

    WLPC - Day 2

  • Ride:

    The good news about day 2 is that there should be lots of wonderful views of lakes and dams.

    We leave Kilcoy and are greeted with a relatively short but sharp climb to overlook somerset dam and all its surrounding area, just stunning views. From there it’s endless km’s of open road and weaving our way towards Laidley. Don’t let the lack of major climbs or gravel roads disappoint you, this is all about enjoying the sights and endless tarmac. 

    All in all quite a pleasant day out. Easier said than done though.


    Exchange Laidley will be our rest point, this is a classic heritage listed pub commissioned in 1092. From what we hear, the food is classic hunger buster fare and we’ll sure be thirsty by now to enjoy something that’s good as gold.

  • Day 3 - You Son of a B#TCH!

  • WLPC - Day 3


    Are you a classics fan or a grand tour fan? Well either way, todays bound to satisfy both types of fans. 

    On paper this looks like a grand tour alps stage with a big climb at the end. However there is a wonderful 35km single stretch of gravel thrown in there for fun. Strada Undullah anyone?

    This day is all about grit, just when you think the “gravel” has been beaten out of you, you get a nice bugger of a climb right at the end with weary legs from the past two days.

    The holy grail here to get you to the finish, besides the amazing views from the top, last person up buys the first round.


    We’re spoilt here but it’s hard to go past the Fortitude Brewing Company (Tour Booked) and their stella range of beers. Can’t wait to slide back and enjoy a paddle of tasting beer and a visit of the brewery.

  • Day 4 - Living on a Tail Wind

  • WLPC - Day 4Ride:

  • With so much inland riding over the past 3 days, it’s about time we saw the coast again. Day 4 is all about seeing the 3 main points on the south side of the Brisbane river. Victoria, Cleveland and Wellington Point.

    On paper it’s going to be a long day and flat, however, by this stage we’re going to be praying for a tailwind. 


    The Scratch in Miton will be our final port of call for a celebratory drink or two or more. Featuring a selection of some fine craft beer, board games and order your own pizza. Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 4 days of good ol sufferfest.

    Final Notes

    We really can’t state how excited we are about our ride. It’s really a celebration of all things that we believe in at Ronin Cycling. In that cycling is our time to be masterless and do epic things. For the moment this ride is closed to ourselves but the ground work is now laid for next year where we’ll be looking to make this an annual event and open to the all.

    If you're interested in following this ride or want to wish us luck, please follow our social media profiles, we’ll be sharing our stories and photos each day of the ride.