Welcome to Ronin Cycling

June 12, 2017

Welcome & thank you for visiting!

Well with everything there’s a start. Outside of my loved ones, cycling and engineering are my biggest passions in life. In a way they compliment each other, I love being able to push my limits and the feeling of freedom cycling brings, but at the same time, I love the tech that gets me there, especially when it just works without issues. At some point, I decided I was going to invest my energy and time into what I’m passionate about, I even managed to convince a few others to come along for the journey.

Ronin Cycling is about focusing on what we're passionate about and symbolises what we love about cycling. For us, it’s about choosing to go forward and recognising that you’re masterless in those moments.

Great you say, so how does the above translate into carbon wheelsets? If you’re here, you’ve probably been where I’ve been in the past, using products that over promised, had inherent design/build defects, lack of customer support etc. As a perfectionist, I felt like I deserved better and so should you.

We’re proud that our journey has allowed us to offer handbuilt carbon wheelsets that are lightweight, aerodynamic and durable.

There's no marketing BS here, every decision made that results in the final product are backed by engineering principles. If it can't be verified, then it's fictitious.

Over the coming weeks and months, I'll provide more context on the following:

  • Our product range and their targeted markets. Involved is a 3 Series delivering lightweight wheels perfect for hugging those windy climbs. A 5 Series as the aerodynamic all rounder. And the Premium Series for those that want the very best wheels available, offering a featherweight ride with deep rims to cut through the air.
  • Technical insights into our wheel building process, lacing patterns and component selection so you can understand our methods in designing a wheelset.
  • Analytical briefs covering items like aerodynamics and rotational inertia showing how our wheels perform.

It is my hope that through the above you can see my commitment to ensuring that Ronin Cycling consistently delivers premium products that perform as expected.

We hope that you share our journey and go forward with us.

Ronin Cycling