Introducing Our Principal Series Carbon Wheelset

July 18, 2017

Like everything, there is always a compromise, deep rims weigh more but are more aerodynamic, shallow rims weigh less but are less aerodynamic. It explains why we have different product ranges to suit different applications.

Our Principal Series was born because we wanted to see if we could make a no compromise wheelset.

So what is the Principal Series?

Our Principal Series represents a lightweight and aerodynamic premium carbon wheelset, they're lighter than our 3 Series and nearly as deep as our 5 Series. Nimble up climbs and fast on the flats, whatever terrain you throw at them, they will excel.

With rims supplied by Schmolke-Carbon, we’re actually very honored to be able to offer the Principal Series. Schmolke-Carbon is an innovative and class leading German specialist manufacturer of carbon bicycle components and the rims they make are a testament to that.

If you’re after a premium wheelset for any terrain you tackle, our Principal Series is for you.

As this concludes my product introductions, my next series will focus on technical views that support the ethos in how Ronin Cycling build wheels.

Ronin Cycling