Nick Locandro - A Ride to Remember

April 21, 2018


Being inspired is one of the most powerful human emotions, it drives us, evokes imagination, motivates to achieve something better than yesterday. It comes in many forms, from media stories, family, friends, self-goals or sadly for some, through loss.

It’s easy to be inspired, it’s significantly harder to grasp onto it and turn it into purpose. We share below an individual who turned a deeply personal loss into one of greater purpose with his cause  A Ride to Remember.

Nick Locondro sadly experienced this inspiration to dream of something better through the loss of his father from early onset dementia. This form of dementia is not well known but is highly aggressive and can bring healthy active individuals to a shadow of their former selves at a rapid pace.

Like all families who suffer loss through dementia, a significant toll is taken by the whole family as it affects not just the individual but also the family’s lifestyle. Attention is turned to caring and providing as much comfort to someone who was once independent. Nick’s family experienced this as his sisters, mother and himself all diverted their energy into caring and emotionally supporting their father, husband and hero all in one. Life changed towards a form of isolation, family holidays became a former memory, social circles shrunk as some preferred to avoid the confronting nature of this disease, Nick’s family persevered and adapted to the new norm, right through to the loss of his father.

Nick’s father was a huge inspiration to him for 26 wonderful years and rather than dwell on his families loss, Nick became inspired to dream of a better world where families struggling with dementia are better supported, educated and aware that they're not alone.

Please do take the time to learn about nicks cause A Ride to Remember, where he and 3 close friends are riding from Uluru to Ballarat (2000 km) to raise much-needed funds to increase awareness and support families who are suffering from early onset dementia.

To find out more about Nick, please check out his Ambassador Profile. You’ll find an individual whose never-ending smile and passion for life shine onto those close to him.

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