Introducing our 5 Series Carbon Wheelset

July 02, 2017

“Fast, stable, responsive”

Our 5 Series was made with a singular purpose to maximise speed, and the feedback we’ve received is reflective of that. Of that feedback, the one I cared the most about was stability, but more onto that soon.

So what are the 5 Series?
Our 5 series represents an aerodynamic carbon wheelset designed to suit riders who prefer speed over elevation gain. It’s for riders looking to maximise top end speed when the terrain flattens but without suffering significant weight penalties.

Like our 3 Series, our 5 Series are tubeless compatible, suited to 25mm tyres, feature a wide rim profile and have a high TG resin for safe braking. They also maintain the same lacing pattern, aluminium nipples and bladed spokes as the 3 Series to help reduce overall rotational mass and promote a lively/responsive feel to the wheelset.

Ok, back to stability. In the development phase, I tested and analysed many rim profiles and come up with a simple conclusion, target cross wind stability. Our rims perform very well aerodynamically, however, I'm more proud of how they handle crosswinds as for most of us that’s what will ruin a ride or slow you down. It’s why we targeted excellent crosswind stability, so you only have to worry about going fast and not which direction the wind is blowing you around.

If you’re looking for a wheelset that aims to maximise top end speed on flatter terrain, then our 5 Series wheelset is for you.

In the coming updates, you will see a shift towards technical matter to support the ethos in how Ronin Cycling build wheels.

Ronin Cycling