Introducing our 3 Series Carbon Wheelset

June 26, 2017

“Responsive, precise, effortless”

Those are some common feedback themes we hear whenever we ask our test riders and customers to describe our 3 Series carbon wheelset.

As a wheelbuilder that’s music to my ears and having people enjoying my work is an amazing feeling. As an engineer, I reflect on the product development, testing and analysis that focused our efforts into a product I’m proud of.

So what are the 3 Series?

Our 3 Series represents an aerodynamic carbon wheelset designed to excel in conditions when the road points upwards. 

It’s an exciting time, with developments in tubeless road tyres for reduced rolling resistance, wide rims for improved aerodynamics, the transition to 25mm tyres for smooth handling and improved resins with a higher glass transition temperature for safer braking. It’s pretty obvious that the next progression in wheel performance is here.

We built our 3 Series to include these advancements to ensure you’re getting the latest in performance developments. We didn’t stop there, we worked with our rim supplier which yielded a lighter design, and when coupled with aluminium nipples and bladed spokes, has resulted in an exceptionally lightweight wheelset. 

Our lacing pattern is designed to provide precise steering with a laterally stiff radial laced front wheel and a lively feel with a torsionally responsive 2-cross both sides rear wheel.

If you’re looking for an aerodynamic wheelset that favours climbing then I recommend our 3 Series

Lastly, I recognise I’ve glossed over the aerodynamics, materials selection, wheel lacing pattern and the importance of rotational mass. However, this was intentional as each point alone deserves its own discussion, which will be forthcoming.

Ronin Cycling